Chronology of the Ottoman Empire (1259-1924 A.D.)

1259:   Osman I forms Ottoman State

1361:   Ottoman Capital Moved to Edrine

1369:   Crusader/Hungarian Army Defeated at Nikopolis

1444:   Hungarian-Polish Army Defeated at Varna

1453:   Constantinople Falls, Remained Instanbul and Becomes Ottoman Capital

1456:   Hungarian Army Checks Ottoman Invasion In Central Europe at Belgrade

1521:   Belgrade falls to Suleyman

1522:   Hospitallers Driven from Rhodes

1529:   Algeria Falls to Ottoman Fleet

1571:   Ottoman Fleet Defeated by Christians at Lepanto

1603:   Ottomans Driven out of Caucasus and Azerbaijan

1604:   Ottomans Driven out of Iraq

1638:   Murad IV Retakes Iraq

1683:   Ottomans Attack Vienna, Europe and Ottoman Empire at War for 41 years straight

1808:   Muhammed Ali tries to Form independent Kingdom in Egypt, Fails

1826:   Janizaries Massacred by Spakhs

1854:   Crimean War with Russia Begins

1856:   Crimean War Ends with Ottoman victory

1877:   Russo-Turkish War Begins

1878:   San Stefano Treaty forced onto Ottomans by Russia

1909:   Sultans overthrown by Young Turks

1914:   World War One Begins

1915:   Allied Army defeated at Gallipoli

1918:   World War Ends with Ottoman Collaspe

1922:   Last Sultan Mohammed IV Flees in 1922

1924:   All Connections with the Sultans are expelled form the country, New Republic under Ataturk takes control in Turkey

(adapted from the chronology found at All Empires.)