*Herodotus (c.480-c.429)
     The Histories

Hellanicus of Lesbos (5th cent.)
     Greek logographer.
     The Priestesses of Hera at Argos
     History of Attica (from 683 to the end of the Peloponnesian War)
     Troica and Persica (histories of Troy and Persia.)

*Thucydides (c.460-c.395)
     The Peloponnesian War (479-411)


*Xenophon (c.430-c.354)
     Covered 411-362 in 7 books

Theopompus (c. 380 - ?)
Covered 411-362 in 12 books
     Philippica (16 books) - history of Philip and Alexander

Cratippus (4th cent.)
     Covered 411 - ?

Oxyrhynchus historian
     Covered 411 - ?

Alexander the Great - “Great men history”

Callisthenes (360-327)
     Biography of Alexander the Great

Clitarchus (4th cent.)
     History of Alexander the Great

Anaximenes (4th cent..)
     History of Greece
     History of Philip and Alexander

Chares of Mytilene (4th cent.)
     History in 10 books

Many others: *Arrian, *Pompeius Trogus, *Curtius Rufus

“Great men histories” continued: Agathocles of Syracuse, Attalus of Pergamon, Ptolemy IV, Antiochus the Great, Hannibal, Tigranes of Armenia, Pompey.


Antiochus of Syracuse (5th cent.)
     Beginnings - 424 B.C.

Philistus of Syracuse (c.432-356)
     1205-363 in 11 books

Timaeus of Tauronmenius (356-260)
     Beginnings to his own time

Universal Histories

Ephorus (c.405-330 B.C.)
     Universal history from Dorian conquest to 340 in 30 books

Diyllus the Athenian (3rd cent.)
     Universal history in 26 books covering 357-297

Psaon of Plataea (3rd cent.)
     Continuation of Diyllus' work in 30 books

Duris of Samos (3rd cent.)
     History of Greece from 370 to at least 281 B.C.
     Biography of Agathocles
     History of Samos

Phylarchus (3rd cent.)
     History of 272-220 in 28 books

*Polybius (c.200 - c.118 B.C.)
     History in 40 books covering 220 BC to 146 B.C.

Poseidonius of Apamea (135-51 B.C.)
     History covering 144 B.C. to 82 B.C. (?)

Timagenes of Alexandria (1st Century B.C.)
     Deeds of Augustus
     On Kings (?)

*Diodorus Siculus (d. after 21 B.C.)
     Universal history in 40 books, ending with Caesar’s Gallic Wars.

*Nicolaus of Damascus (1st cent. B.C.)
     History of the World in at least 80 books
     Biography of Augustus

*Dionysius of Halicarnassus (1st cent. B.C.)
     Antiquities of Rome in 20 books covering the origin to ?


Annales Maximi
     Published c. 120 in 88 books

Libri Lintei
     Linen cloth histories - very mysterious

Historical Epics

*Naevius (3rd cent.)
     Bellum Punicum (1st Punic War, 264-241 B.C.)

*Ennius (2nd cent.)
     Annales (Founding of city - 177 B.C.)

Early Historians

Fabius Pictor (fl. c. 225 B.C.)
     Aeneas to the 2nd Punic War (218-202 B.C.) - in Greek

Cincius Alimentus (fl. 200 B.C.)
     Beginnings to 2nd Punic War

Acilius (fl. 150 B.C.)
     Beginnings to 2nd cent. - in Greek

Postumius Albinus (fl. 150 B.C.)
     In Greek.

Cato the Elder (234-149 B.C.)
     Origines, a history of Rome and the Italian states in 7 books

Early Annalists

Cassius Hemina (fl. 150)
     Trojan War to the 3rd Punic War

Calpurnius Piso Frugi (fl. 133)
     ? - c. 146 in at least 7 books

Gellius (2nd century B.C.)
     Beginnings to at least 146 in at least 33 books

Fannius (fl. 133)
     ? - c. 133 in at least 8 books

Sempronius Tudinatus (fl. 133 B.C.)
     Beginnings to at least 194 in at least 8 books

Coelius Antipater (fl. 120’s B.C.)
     2nd Punic War in 7 books

Paulus Clodius (fl. 100 B.C.)
     Critical Chronology (?)

Sempronius Asellio
     c. 133 to at least 91 B.C. in at least 14 books

Later Annalists

Hortensius (d. 50 B.C.)
     Covered at least the Social War (91-88 B.C.)

Claudius Quadrigarius (fl. 70s B.C.)
     At least from 390 to ? in at least 23 books

Valerius Antias (fl. 70s B.C.)
     Earliest times to at least 91 B.C. in 75 books

Licinius Macer (fl. 70s B.C.)
     Unknown scope

Sisenna (fl. 70s B.C.)
     ? to his own time in at least 12 books

Lucullus (fl. 70s B.C.)
     Social war (91-89 B.C.) in Greek

Aelius Tubero (fl. 60s B.C.)
     ? to at least the 90s in at least 13 books

Geminus (fl. 50s B.C.?)
     ? to the time of Caesar

Asinius Pollio (76 - 5 B.C.)
     60 to at least 42 B.C.

*Livy (64/59 B.C. - A.D. 17)
     Ab urbe condita
     Earliest times to 8 B.C. in 142 books


M. Aemius Scaurus (fl. 100 B.C.)

P. Rutilius Fufus (fl. 100 B.C.)

L. Cornelius Sulla (fl. 80 B.C.)

Agrippa (fl. 31 B.C.)

*Augustus (fl. 27 B.C.)


*Caesar (100 - 44 B.C.)
     Commentaries on the Gallic Wars (Bellum Gallicum) in 7 books
     The Civil War (Bellum Civile) in 3 books

*Hirtius (fl. 50 B.C.)
     Added 8th book to Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum
     Bellum Alexandrinum (48-46 B.C.) in 1 book

     Caesar’s Spanish War (de bello Hispaniensi) (45 B.C.) in 1 book

*Sallust (86 - 35 B.C.)
     Historiae (78 - c. 66 B.C.) in 5 books
     Conspiracy of Catiline (66-63 B.C.) in 1 book
     Jugurthine War (112 - 105 B.C.) in 1 book

Pomponius Atticus (109 - 32 B.C.)
     Chronology of Roman History in 1 book (Liber annalis)
     Family histories of the Claudii Marcelli, Fabii, Aemiliii
     Monograph on Cicero’s consulship (in Greek)

Varro (116 - 27 B.C.)
     Antiquitates in 45 books
     de gente populi Romani (pre-history?)
     On Pompey


Voltacilius (fl. 60s B.C.)
     Biography of Pompey the Great

Tiro (fl. 40 B.C.)
     Biography of Cicero

*Cornelius Nepos
     Biographies of notable men
     Universal History (Chronica) in 3 books

Later Historians & Biographers

Dellius (f. 30s B.C.)
     History of Antony’s campaigns in Parthia

Pompeius Trogus (fl. 20s B.C.?)
     Historiae Philippicae
     Origins to the Rome Empire in 44 books

*Justin (3rd cent.???)
     Epitome of Pompeius Trogus

Clodius Licinius (fl. 2 A.D.)

Finestella (d. 20 A.D.)

Seneca the Elder (c. 55 B.C. - A.D. 39)
     History of Rome (beginnings to the Empire)

Claudius (d. A.D. 54)
     History of the Etruscans (in Greek) in 20 books
     History of Carthage in 8 books

*Velleius Paterculus (fl. 20s A.D.)
     History of Greece and Rome in 2 books

*Curtius Rufus (1st cent. A.D.?)
     History of Alexander in 10 books

Affidius Bassus (fl. 60s A.D.)
     History of the German War
     Annales (unknown scope)

Cluvius Rufus (fl. 60s A.D.)
     Annales (at least to 67 A.D.)

Domitius Corbulo
     History of Campaigns in the East

Pliny the Elder (d. 79 A.D.)
     On the German Wars

*Tacitus (c. 55 - 117 A.D.)
     Annales (14 - 68 A.D.)
     Historiae (68 - ? A.D.)

*Suetonius (c. 69 - after 122 A.D.)
     Lives of the Caesars

*Florus (c. 70 - c. 140 A.D.?)
     Military history of Rome to Augustus in 2 books

Granius Licinianus (fl. 120 A.D.?)
     History of Rome

Appian of Alexandria (c. 95 - c.165)
     Roman History in 24 books
     Roman wars from the beginnings to Trajan

*Dio Cassius (c. 150 -235 A.D.)
     History of Rome in 80 books from Aeneas to 229 A.D.

*Herodian (3rd cent.)
     History of Rome from 180 - 238 A.D.

*Historia Augusta (authors, dates unknown)
     Biographies of the Emperors

*Aurelius Victor (4th cent.?)
     History of the Caesars

*Eutropius (4th cent.)
     Short history of Rome in 10 books (Epitome of Livy)

*Iulius Obsequens (4th cent.?)
     Chronological list of prodigies

*Ammianus Marcellinus (4th Cent.)
     Covered c. 100 - 378 A.D. in 31 books

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