Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss (1819-1901)

Benjamin Mayberry Prentiss was born on November 23, 1819, in Belleville, Va. Before the Civil War he was a rope manufacturer and lawyer. He was a militia officer and fought in the Mexican War.  

During the Civil War he became Colonel of the 10th Illinois in April 1861. In May 1861 he was appointed Brig. Gen. of Volunteers, commanding in Northern Missouri.

He commanded the 6th Division of the Army of the Tennessee at Shiloh, where he conducted a gallant defense of the Hornet's Nest. Captured in the first day's action, he was exchanged in November 1862 for Edwin W. Price and promoted Maj. Gen. of Volunteers.  

He served on Porter's court martial, commanded Dists in Arkansas, and resigned October 1863.  

After the war, he returned to his law practice. He became a pension agent and land office official. He died in 1901.