Barnard E. Bee (1824-1861)

Barnard E. Bee was born in Charleston, South Carolina, about 1824. He graduated at West Point in 1845, and served as a lieutenant in the military occupation of Texas and in the war with Mexico, being wounded at Cerro Gordo, and receiving the brevet of captain for gallantry at Chapultepec. He served as captain on frontier duty in Minnesota, on the Utah expedition, and in Dakota until March 3, 1861, when he resigned and entered the confederate service.

On June 17, 1861 he was appointed brigadier general of a brigade mobilized at Manassas Junction. During the subsequent battle, Bee is said to have used the term "Stonewall" in reference to Thomas J. Jackson and his men. Bee was mortally wounded as the Confederates began to gain the upper hand in the battle. He died the following day and is buried in Pendleton, South Carolina.