Chancellor Certamen 1996
Latin IV/V

Round 4

1) Toss-Up: The shortest poem of Catullus is only two lines long and begins Odi et amo. Translate this phrase. "I HATE AND I LOVE"
Bonus: The whole poem reads: Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris?/ Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior. What are the principal parts and meaning of the verb from which fieri is derived? FIO, FIERI, FACTUS SUM - "BE MADE, BECOME, HAPPEN"

2) Toss-Up: In Book II of Vergil's Aeneid, Venus explains to Aeneas : Iam summas arces Tritonia, respice, Pallas/ insedit. Who is this Tritonia Pallas? ATHENA/MINERVA
Bonus: Venus also tells: Neptunus muros magnoque emota tridenti/ fundamenta quatit. What power of Neptune is being shown? EARTHQUAKES

3) Toss-Up: What is the difference between salutatio and laudatio?
Bonus: What is the difference between conclamatio and lustratio? CONCLAMATIO - "CALLING NAME OF THE DEAD AT FUNERAL" and LUSTRATIO - "CEREMONY AT WHICH CHILD RECEIVED NAME"

4) Toss-Up: On his deathbed, Vergil ordered the unfinished Aeneid to be destroyed, but, instead, Augustus ordered what two individuals to polish and publish it? VARIUS AND TUCCA
Bonus: What fourth century AD Latin grammarian published a vaulable commentary on the works of Vergil? DONATUS

5) Toss-up: What nymph on Mt. Ida foretold to Paris that he would leave her, abduct Helen, and destroy Troy? OENONE
Bonus: By what other name was Paris known? ALEXANDER or ALEXANDROS

6) Toss-Up: Identify the common bond: suavium, basium, osculum. WORDS FOR A KISS
Bonus: Identify the kissers and the kissed in the following lines: Tum pavidae tectis matres ingentibus errant,/ amplexaeque tenent postes atque oscula figunt. TROJAN WOMEN WERE KISSING COLUMNS

7) Toss-up: Distinguish between ludi and munera.
Bonus: The munera gladiatorum seem to have originated from what civilization? ETRUSCAN

8) Toss-Up: Who am I? I killed Pallas, the beloved son of Evander. My sister Juturna tried to save me and convince me to stop fighting, but I refused. I fought and was killed by Aeneas over the hand of Lavinia in marriage. TURNUS
Bonus: Over what group was Turnus the king? RUTULIANS

9) Toss-up: Who was the first Christian emperor of Rome?CONSTANTINE (THE GREAT)
Bonus: After defeating Eugenius in the Battle of Aquileia in AD 394, what emperor secured the abolishment of pagan worship and became known as "The Destroyer of Paganism"? THEODOSIUS (THE GREAT or THE FIRST)

10) Toss-Up: What is the difference in meaning between gens and genus? GENS - "CLAN, NATION" and GENUS - "RACE, KIND"
Bonus: What about mors and mos? MORS - "DEATH" and MOS - "CUSTOM"

11) Toss-Up: After si, nisi, ne and num, what is the meaning of quid? "ANYTHING"
Bonus: What is the typical form of quid? ALIQUID

12) Toss-up: Identify the common bond: Epidaurus, Delos, Delphi. ORACLES
Bonus: Identify: Albunea, Almathea, Deiphobe. SIBYLS

13) Toss-up: What deity did Juno send to release Dido's spirit? IRIS
Bonus: What did Iris do to release Dido's spirit? CUT A LOCK OF HER HAIR

14) Toss-Up: When a crack opened in the Roman Forum in 362 BC, an oracle said that Rome had to throw its most precious resource into it. Who leapt into the abyss to save Rome? METTIUS CURTIUS
Bonus: Speaking of pits, what was the name of the pit dug by Romulus into which were thrown the first fruits and earth from each of the countries of his followers? MUNDUS

15) Toss-up: Literally speaking, what does it mean "to decimate"? TO REDUCE BY ONE-TENTH OF ORIGINAL SIZE
Bonus: Literally speaking, what does it mean "to obliterate"? TO FORGET or CAUSE TO FORGET

16) Toss-Up: Who am I? I believed that the laws of heaven were more important than the laws of man so I defied King Creon's orders and buried my brother, who had attacked Thebes. I was eventually buried alive for my crime and I commited suicide. ANTIGONE
Bonus: In what Greek tragedian's play by the same name is this story presented? SOPHOCLES

17) Toss-Up: The Latin phrase Festina lente is an example of what figure of speech? OXYMORON or PARADOX
Bonus: What about Ad astra per aspera? HYPERBOLE or ALLITERATION (ASSONANCE?)

18) Toss-Up: What was the flamen Dialis ? PRIEST OF JUPITER
Bonus: What about the flamen Quirinalis? PRIEST OF QUIRINUS, THE DEIFIED ROMULUS

19) Toss-up: What is the Latin derived term in English which means "the most excellent example" or "the perfect embodiment"? Hint: The Latin is literally translated "the fifth element" or "the fifth essence". QUINTESSENCE
Bonus: Besides the "fifth element" which moved the objects in the heavens, what were the four basic elements which were identified by Greek philosophers? AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER

20) Toss-Up: Who am I? I believed that the laws of heaven were more important than the laws of man so I defied King Creon's orders and buried my brother, who had attacked Thebes. I was eventually buried alive for my crime and I commited suicide. ANTIGONE
Bonus: In what Greek tragedian's play by the same name is this story presented? SOPHOCLES

Round 2

1) Toss-Up: What was the name for a stage on which dramatic perfromances would be held? SCAENA
Bonus: What were the caveae? BANKS (WEDGES) OF SEATS

2) Toss-Up: Give the correct form of the relative pronoun in this sentence: Certamen, which is very competitive, is popular in Virginia. QUOD
Bonus: Every year there are several certamina in which we can participate. Give the correct form of the relative pronoun. (IN) QUIBUS

3) Toss-Up: What torture would Procrustes inflict upon unwitting passers-by? STRETCH THEM OR CHOP THEM TO FIT HIS BED
Bonus: Who finally put Procrustes out of our misery? THESEUS

4) Toss-Up: The English word grotesque, orginally reffering to grottos, was applied to what cavernous structure built by Nero after the Great Fire of Rome? DOMUS AUREA
Bonus: In what year was this fire? AD 64

5) Toss-Up: By what other name whose origin lies in mythology is the strait called the Dardanelles known? HELLESPONT

6) Toss-Up: Longfellow wrote in his Psalm of Life (1839): "Lives of great men all remind us/ We can make our lives sublime,/ And, departing, leave behind us/ Footprints in the sands of time." What Latin phrase borrowed from Hippocrates reflects this spirit? ARS LONGA, VITA BREVIS
Bonus: What Horatian phrase for Robert Herrick's: "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,/ Old Time still is flying,/ And this same flower that smiles today/ Tomorrow will be dying."? CARPE DIEM

7) Toss-Up: What mythological couple was saved from a great flood caused by Zeus and were told to repopulate the earth by throwing the bones of their mother over their shoulders? DEUCALION AND PYRRHA
Bonus: Who was their child, the founder of the Greek race? HELLEN

8) Toss-Up: Identify the common bond: Orpheus with his lyre, Hercules with his club, Aeneas with the golden bough. MORTALS ALLOWED TO PASS THE RIVER STYX
Bonus: Mortals who were not properly buried suffered what fate? SOULS FORCED TO WANDER THE EARTH FOR 100 YEARS/COULD NOT PASS THE RIVER STYX

9) Toss-Up: What Greek deity carries the epithet "rosy-fingered"? EOS
Bonus: Eos' Roman counter-part Aurora is associated with the aurora borealis in the Northern Hemisphere named after Boreas. What is the same phenomenon in the Southern Hemisphere, also named after Aurora and one of her sons? AURORA AUSTRALIS

10) Toss-Up: What is the meaning of the Greek exclamation "Eureka"? "I HAVE FOUND IT!"
Bonus: Who exclaimed it? ARCHIMEDES

11) Toss-Up: Identify the common bond: quadrans, sestertius, denarius. ROMAN COINS
Bonus: Of what metals was a denarius and and aureus made? D - SILVER and A - GOLD

12) Toss-Up: What were the wax busts of masks of ancestors called? IMAGINES
Bonus: In what room of the house would they typically be kept for display? ALAE

13) Toss-Up: Hercules perfomed twelve labors to attone for killing his first wife in a fit of rage. Who was this unfortunate woman? MEGARA
Bonus: Who was Hercule's second wife who inadvertently brought about his death? DEIANIRA

14) Toss-Up: The Nones fall on the 5th and the Ides on the 13th of every month except which four? MARCH, MAY, JULY, OCTOBER
Bonus: What were the original names of the months Julius and Augustus? QUINCTILIS and SEXTILIS

15) Toss-Up: What emperor typically referred to himself as "Dominus et Deus"? DOMITIAN
Bonus: Who was Domitian's much more popular brother whom he succeeded? TITUS

16) Toss-Up: Translate the both verbs from this sentence into Latin: "If he should come, he would see." VENIAT and VIDEAT
Bonus: What about in this sentence: "If he had seen, he would have conquered."? VIDISSET and VICISSET

17) Toss-Up: Distinguish in meaning between civis and civitas. CIVIS - "CITIZEN" and CIVITAS - "CITY-STATE"/"CITIZENSHIP"
Bonus: What about the verb vivo and vito? VIVO - "TO LIVE" and VITO - "TO AVOID"

18) Toss-Up: What is the term for the group of eight Roman soldiers who shared the same tent and ate together? CONTUBERNIUM
Bonus: How mant contubernia in a century? TEN

19) Toss-Up: What Republican era poet wrote a lengthy poem called De Rerum Natura?LUCRETIUS
Bonus: What philosophical school did this poem and poet espouse? EPICUREAN

20) Toss-Up: Who was the man who was called the conscience of Rome for his fiercely Republican opposition to the first triumvirate? (MARCUS PORCIUS) CATO
Bonus: When Caesar defeated Pompey, Cato committed suicide after twice reading who's work intitled Phaedo in which Socrates argues that only fools fear death. PLATO

Round 3

1) Toss-Up: What three animals would be sacrificed at a suovetaurilia? PIG, SHEEP, and BULL
Bonus: A sacrifice of liquid, typically diluted wine, being poured on the ground is called what? LIBATION

2) Toss-Up: Some scholars have identified Catullus' Lesbia as Clodia, the sister of what thorn in Cicero's side? PUBLIUS CLODIUS PULCHER
Bonus: Who was Clodius' husband at the time of Catullus' affair? QUINTUS CAECILIUS METELLUS CELER

3) Toss-Up: Economists often speak of per capita income. What does per capita mean? FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL
Bonus: Rome has been called the caput mundi. What does this mean? THE CENTER OF THE WORLD

4) Toss-Up: Identify the common bond: tenus, gratia, causa. PREPOSITIONS WHICH TAKE THE GENITIVE CASE
Bonus: What does the preposition tenus mean? "UP TO" or "DOWN TO" or "ACORDING TO"

5) Toss-Up: What mythological couple were turned into intertwining trees after their death so that they could always be together? BAUCIS AND PHILEMON
Bonus: Baucis and Philemon were rewarded for their hospitality to what two Greek gods? ZEUS and HERMES

6) Toss-Up: What figure of speech is illustrated by this English quote: "Get a clue and a job!" ZEUGMA
Bonus: What about "He was not affected by the expressions and faces of his opponents." HENDIADYS

7) Toss-Up: At what event would you hear the cry "Talassio!" or "Feliciter!" WEDDING or GROOM ESCORTING NEW BRIDE HOME
Bonus: Talassius may have been a god of marriage which the Romans created to explain the forgotten meaning of "Talassio" which they had forgotten. What does "Feliciter" mean? "HAPPILY" or "LUCKILY" etc.

8) Toss-Up: Identify the poet: Ille mi par esse deo videtur... CATULLUS
Bonus: The second line of this poem includes the phrase si fas est. Translate that phrase. IF IT IS RIGHT

9) Toss-Up: In the lararium, if the genius of the paterfamilias was not represented in human form, what animal was substituted? SNAKE
Bonus: What is the two-word name for the protective spirit of the family? LAR FAMILIARIS

10) Toss-Up: In what province did Catullus serve under Memmius? BITHYNIA
Bonus: Why was Catullus angry with Memmius when he returned to Italy? HE HAD NOT BEEN PAID VERY MUCH

11) Toss-Up: What was the term for a single lap in a chariot or foot race? It is also something you and your teachers probably follow at school. CURRICULUM
Bonus: In modern terms, what is a curriculum vitae? A SHORT ACCOUNT OF CAREER AND QUALIFICATIONS or A RESUME

12) Toss-Up: Unfortunately, not everyone in the ancient world was beautiful, but some were down right hideous. Who had a face who could turn people to stone? MEDUSA
Bonus: Medusa, pregnant by Poseidon when she was slain by Perseus, gave birth to what winged creature? PEGASUS

13) Toss-Up: What cliff-top fortress was the site where Jewish rebels chose to commit suicide rather than surrender to the beseiging Romans? MASADA
Bonus: In what year did this seige end? AD 73

14) Toss-Up: A common inscription on tombstones was Si tibi terra levis. What does this mean? "MAY THE EARTH BE LIGHT UPON YOU"
Bonus: What about the phrase Qui vixit annos quinque, menses novem, et dies viginti-duos? "WHO LIVED FIVE YEARS, NINE MONTHS, AND TWENTY-TWO DAYS"

15) Toss-Up: Who explained to the Argonauts how to pass the Symplegades, the crashing rocks at the entrance to the Black Sea? PHINEUS
Bonus: What service did the Argonauts have to perform to get this advice? RID PHINEUS OF THE HARPIES

16) Toss-Up: Numa Pompilius is said to have added two months to the original ten-month calendar. What two months did he add? JANUARY AND FEBRUARY
Bonus: Who further reformed the calendar in 45 BC? JULIUS CAESAR

17) Toss-Up: Who was the wife of Hector whom Aeneas found married to Helenus in Buthrotum? ANDROMACHE
Bonus: What was the name of Hector and Andromache's son? ASTYANAX

18) Toss-Up: Identify the common bond: Oenotria, Hesperia, Ausonia. OTHER NAMES FOR ITALY
Bonus: What is the phrase which describes the Greek territory in Southern Italy and Sicily? MAGNA GRAECIA

19) Toss-Up: Given the semi-deponent verb audeo, audere, what is the third person singular, pluperfect subjunctive? AUSUS ESSET
Bonus: Change ausus esset to the imperfect passive. AUDERETUR

20) Toss-Up: Quae cum ita sint, Catilina, perge quo coepisti: egredere aliquando ex urbe; patent portae; proficiscere. What is the idiomatic meaning of Quae cum ita sint? "THEREFORE"
Bonus: What forms are perge, egredere, and proficiscere? IMPERATIVES

Round 4

1) Toss-Up: The Golden Age of Latin Literature traditionally ends in AD 17 with the death of what exiled poet? OVID
Bonus: What year marked the end of the Augustan Age with the death of Augustus? AD 14

2) Toss-Up: Which emperor was responsible for dividing the empire between East and West? DIOCLETIAN
Bonus: Diocletian named himself and Maximian "Augustus." What did he name his subordinates Constantius I and Galerius, who were to inherit the possession of Augustus? CAESARS or CAESARES

3) Toss-Up: A sign from ancient Pompeii advertises games to be held on the day before the Kalends of June. They advertise venatio et vela erunt. What is a venatio and in what form does a venatio survive in the world today? AN ANIMAL HUNT; BULL-FIGHTING
Bonus: What was the meaning of vela erunt? THERE WILL BE AWNINGS OVER THE AMPHITHEATER

4) Toss-Up: What English adjective meaning "overly rash or bold" refers to the son of Daedalus who did not heed his father's warning and flew too close to the son? ICARIAN
Bonus: What is the meaning of the English adjective "daedalian"? INTRICATE or COMPLEX

5) Toss-Up: Where did the Greek fleet amass before setting sail for Troy? AULIS
Bonus: Because the winds would not blow, what maiden was sacrificed? IPHIGENIA

6) Toss-Up: If someone tells you to take some information cum grano salis, what do they mean? WITH GRAIN OF SALT meaning WITH CERTAIN RESERVATION OF BELIEF
Bonus: If someone says the information is bona fide, what does she mean? IN GOOD FAITH/TRUE AND BELIEVABLE

7) Toss-Up: Idenify the common bond: Delos, Delphi, Cumae. ORACLES OF APOLLO
Bonus: What was the priestess of Apollo called? PYTHIA

8) Toss-Up: What was the most common meter used by Catullus? HENDECASYLLABICS or PHALAECEANS
Bonus: The hendecasyllabic meter is completely regular except for the first foot. What three possibilities exist for the first foot? 1) long-long; 2) long-short; 3) short-long

9) Toss-Up: What Latin phrase refers to "square Rome," the settlement Romulus created? ROMA QUADRATA
Bonus: What was the name of the sacred boundary of Rome? POMERIUM

10) Toss-Up: What work of Vergil is a commemoration of his gratitude to Augustus for the return of his fanily's farm near Mantua? FIRST ECLOGUE
Bonus: By what other name are the Eclogues known? BUCOLICS

11) Toss-Up: Complete the following analogy - puer : genius :: puella : . JUNO
Bonus: When did a Roman child receive a genius or juno? AT BIRTH

12) Toss-Up: What is the meaning of the Latin phrase in perpetuum? FOREVER
Bonus: What other Latin phrase, containing the word from which we get "eternal," also means "forever"? AD AETERNUM

13) Toss-Up: What was Horace's monumentum aere perennius? HIS POETRY
Bonus: What is the case and reason for the case of aere in that phrase? ABLATIVE OF COMPARISON

14) Toss-Up: What is the meaning of the mythological phrase "Argus-eyed"? WATCHFUL or VIGILANT
Bonus: Who lulled Argus to sleep to permit the escape of Io? Mercury

15) Toss-Up: After what battle and in wht year did Julius Caesar send back the famous phrase "Veni! Vidi! Vici!"? ZELA IN 47BC
Bonus: At what battle in what year did Caesar succeed in becoming an autocrat, having defeated all of his political opponents? PHARSALUS IN 48BC

16) Toss-Up: What is the difference in meaning between tamen and tandem? TAMEN - "HOWEVER" and TANDEM - "AT LAST, FINALLY"
Bonus: If the main clause of a Latin sentence contains tamen, how do you translate the cum in the subordinate clause? "ALTHOUGH"

17) Toss-Up: What is the name for a tomb which holds many funeral urns? COLUMBARIUM
Bonus: At what place in Rome would a person be cremated? USTRINA

18) Toss-Up: The poet Martial wrote in his Epigrams: "Let there be Maecenases... and Vergils will not be lacking." Why was Maecenas important to Vergil? PATRON OF THE ARTS/FINANCIAL BACKER
Bonus: Maecenas was said to have inspired what work by Vergil? GEORGICS

Bonus: Name the other three. [SEE ABOVE]

20) Toss-Up: In Catullus' Carmen 34, he writes: Tu Lucina dolentibus/ Iuno dicta puerperis. Even though the poem is about Minerva, what power of Juno Lucina is being involved? CHILDBIRTH
Bonus: The stanza continues: Tu potens Trivia et notho es/ dicta lumine Luna.? What other two attributes are being discussed here? CROSSROADS and CHILDBIRTH