Sponsored by the Maryland Senior Classical League


1. This Certamen is being held in the month of November. From what Latin number does "November" derive? NOVEM
          Bonus A: Responde Latine Quot sunt tres plus quattuor? SEPTEM
          Bonus B: Responde Latine Quot sunt unus plus quinque? SEX

2. Which famous Roman is known for developing the Julian Calendar, which arranged the months as they are presently? JULIUS CAESAR
          Bonus A: What terrible thing did Julius Caesar's friend Brutus do to him? HE HELPED TO ASSASSINATE HIM
          Bonus B: On what month, day, and year was Julius Caesar assassinated? MARCH 15, 44BC

3. Laudo is to I praise as _____ is to we praise. LAUDAMUS
          Bonus A: Monet is to she warns as _____ is to they warn. MONENT
          Bonus B: Festinare is to "to hasten" as _____ is to "to be." ESSE

4. Please follow the directions: "Sta, et tange caput tuum." STUDENT SHOULD STAND AND TOUCH HIS/HER HEAD
          Bonus A: Now try this one "Sta, et tange bracchium tuum." STUDENT SHOULD STAND AND TOUCH HIS/HER ARM.
          Bonus B: And this one "Sta et ambula ad ianuam." STUDENT SHOULD STAND AND WALK TO THE DOOR

5. On how many hills was the city of Rome built? SEVEN
          Bonus A: On what hill was the Temple of Iuppiter Optimus Maximus located? CAPITOLINE
          Bonus B: On what hill would you be likely to find the homes of the wealthy? PALATINE

6. What sea lies directly to the south of Italy? MEDITERRANEAN SEA
          Bonus A: What did the ancient Romans call this sea? MARE NOSTRUM / OUR SEA
          Bonus B: Why did they call it Mare Nostrum? BECAUSE THEY POSSESSED ALL OF THE LAND SURROUNDING THE SEA

7. Say in Latin, "I am a boy." PUER SUM
          Bonus A: Say in Latin, "You are a girl." PUELLA ES
          Bonus B: Say in Latin, "We are women." FEMINAE SUMUS

8. From what Latin word and its meaning do we derive our English word "viaduct"? VIA (ROAD/WAY) or DUCERE (TO LEAD)
          Bonus A: How about manufacture? FACERE (TO DO/MAKE) or MANUS (HAND)
          Bonus B: How about ambulatory? AMBULARE (TO WALK)

9. Please say in Latin, "I love Latin." LATINAM AMO.
          Bonus A: Now try, "She loves Latin." LATINAM AMAT.
          Bonus B: Now try, "Y'all love languages." LINGUAS AMATIS.

10. Quis sum? Sum deus Romanus vini. Uvas habeo. BACCHUS
          Bonus A: Who were the crazed female followers of Bacchus? MAENADS
          Bonus B: What is an English derivative from Bacchus that refers to a wild party? BACCHANALIA

11. Now let's see how speedy you really are. Each of the following three questions will be asked using only three words. Give it a try: Locket for children. BULLA
          Bonus A: What is the Latin word for "children"? LIBERI
          Bonus B: What is the Latin word for "book"? LIBER

12. Purple striped toga. TOGA PRAETEXTA
          Bonus A: Although the Romans called the stripe on this toga purple, to us this stripe would appear to be what color? (DARK) RED
          Bonus B: With what liquid did the Romans wash their togas? URINE

13. First Roman Emperor. AUGUSTUS
          Bonus A: By what name are the first five Roman Emperors known? JULIO-CLAUDIANS
          Bonus B: Who was the last of the Julio-Claudians? NERO

14. Please translate into English, "In agris pueri laborant." THE BOYS WORK IN THE FIELDS
          Bonus A: Say in Latin, "with the girls." CUM PUELLIS
          Bonus B: Say in Latin, "into the houses." IN CASAS / IN DOMOS

15. This Roman art form is composed of tiny tiles made of stone or glass. MOSAIC
          Bonus A: What are these tiny tiles called? TESSERAE
          Bonus B: A famous mosaic includes what famous Latin phrase concerning a dog? CAVE CANEM

16. Translate: carpe diem. SIEZE THE DAY
          Bonus A: Try this one, festina lente. HASTEN SLOWLY
          Bonus B: And this one, fama volat. RUMOR FLIES

17. What did gladiators say to the emperor before the competition began? NOS MORITURI TE SALUTAMUS / WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE SALUTE YOU
          Bonus A: Change "salutamus" to the singular. SALUTO
          Bonus B: Change "saluto" to the infinitive. SALUTARE

18. Noun is to declension as verb is to _____. CONJUGATION
          Bonus A: What conjugation is the verb amare? FIRST
          Bonus B: What conjugation is the verb tenere? SECOND

19. What Roman god lived beneath Mt. Etna? VULCAN / VOLCANUS
          Bonus A: What creatures helped Vulcan with the forge? CYCLOPES
          Bonus B: What is a cyclops? A MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURE WITH ONLY ONE EYE

20. Please translate into English, "Finis est." IT IS FINISHED / IT IS THE END
          Bonus A: Give one English derivative from the Latin word "finis". FINAL, etc.
          Bonus B: How would you say in Latin, "It is not finished." NON FINIS EST.