Sponsored by the Maryland Senior Classical League


1. In a Roman house, what is the name of the great hall, which is open to the sky? Atrium
Bonus A: Name the opening in the roof. Compluvium
Bonus B: Name the basin underneath used to catch rainwater. Impluvium

2. Name the creature, which was half man/half bull. Minotaur
Bonus A: Which hero slew this creature? Theseus
Bonus B: Which princess helped him in this adventure? Ariadne

3. Translate the following sentence into English: A milite interfectus est.
He was (has been) killed by a soldier.
Bonus A: What type of ablative is milite? Ablative of (personal) agent
Bonus B: If you replace ‘by a soldier’ with ‘by a weapon’, what would the Latin for this phrase be? telo

4. In the sentence ‘I like her,’ the word for ‘her’ is what? Eam
Bonus A: What is the word for ‘us’ in the sentence, “They don’t like us.” Nos
Bonus B: How would you say ‘with us’ in the sentence, “She was walking with us.” Nobiscum

5. In which direction would you travel from Rome if you wanted to arrive in Helvetia? North(west)
Bonus A: From Helvetia, which direction is Gallia? West
Bonus B: From Gallia, which direction is Hispania? South(west)

6. What famous Roman put down his plow to assume the dictatorship of Rome? Cincinnatus
Bonus A: What Roman hero cut off his right hand to prove his loyalty to Rome? Mucius Scaevola
Bonus B: What Roman hero singlehandedly defended the Pons Sublicius? Horatius (Cocles)

7. Amo is to amabo as capio is to what? Capiam
Bonus A: Give the 3rd person plural present active form of capio. Capiunt
Bonus B: Give the 3rd person plural pluperfect active form of capio. Ceperant

8. Give the English noun derived from multus that means “great number” or “crowd”? Multitude
Bonus A: Give the nominative, genitive and gender of the Latin noun that is etymologically related to laborare. Labor, is, um
Bonus B: Give a derivative of the Latin word for garden that means “gardening.” Horticulture

9. What goddess caused Hercules nothing but trouble? Hera (Juno)
Bonus A: Who assigned the 12 labors to Hercules? Eurystheus
Bonus B: What goddess did Hercules marry after his death and deification? Hebe

10. What famous Roman defeated Hannibal at Zama? Scipio
Bonus A: For what country was Hannibal fighting? Carthage
Bonus B: In what war was the battle of Zama? Second Punic War

11. Which of the following nouns does not belong to the same declension as the others? pars, urbs, res, ignis. Res
Bonus A: What declencion are the others? 3rd
Bonus B: What declension is res? 5th

12. Which of the following mythological women did NOT suffer from unrequited love: Dido, Daphne, oe Echo? Daphne
Bonus A: What woman on this list appears in myths about the god Apollo? Daphne
Bonus B: What bizarre affliction caused Echo to be unable to tell Narcissus of her love?
She could only repeat what others said.

13. What was a confarreatio? Wedding ceremony
Bonus A: With what was the bride’s hair parted? The point of a spear
Bonus B: To whom did she dedicate her girlish toys and clothes? Lares (household gods)

14. On what hill in ancient Rome was the Temple to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva located? Capitoline
Bonus A: On which Roman hill did the Emperor Domitian build his great Flavian palace? Palatine
Bonus B: Which Roman hill is named for the first Roman king? Quirinal

15. What did the Romans call their highest priest/head of religion in Rome? Pontifex Maximus
Bonus A: Who were the women who tended to the sacred flame? Vestal Virgins
Bonus B: Where in the Forum was the sacred flame located? Temple of Vesta

16. Mittis is to misisti as iubes is to? Iussisti
Bonus A: laboras is to laboravisti as facis is to? Fecisti
Bonus B: auditis is to audivistis as manetis is to? Mansistis

17. Answer in Latin. How many kings ruled during the Monarchy? Septem
Bonus A: Who was the first Etruscan king of Rome? Tarquinius Priscus
Bonus B: Who succeeded him? Servius Tullius

18. Sometimes Latin is disguised in English in the form of common abbreviations. What does the abbreviation AD stand for in Latin? Anno Domini
Bonus A: What does Anno Domini mean in English? In the Year of the Lord
Bonus B: What is the Latin for the English abbreviation of P.S.? Post Scriptum

19. What did the Romans call a large open space in a town? It was a meeting place, market place, and political center. Forum
Bonus A: The most famous forum in Rome was called? Forum Romanum
Bonus B: What gender is forum? Neuter

20. Name the beautiful maiden who rode atop a bull only to discover that he was really a god? Europa
Bonus A: Who was this god? Jupiter
Bonus B: On what Greek island known for its bulls and half-bulls did they cavort? Crete