Sponsored by the Maryland Senior Classical League


1. Which planet in our solar system is so named because its color is that of blood: red? MARS
Bonus 1. Which planet's speed around the sun gave it its name? MERCURY
Bonus 2. Which planet's greenish blue color of the sea gave it its name? NEPTUNE

2. In the sentence, "He was saved by food," translate "food." CIBO
Bonus 1. What use of the ablative is cibo? MEANS
Bonus 2. In the sentence, "For he's a jolly, good fellow," translate "he's." EST

3. Who rises when her twin brother has stabled his horses which pull the chariot of the sun? DIANA/ARTEMIS
Bonus 1. What lover, a constellation in the winter sky, is Diana said to have killed? ORION
Bonus 2. Quis erat mater Dianae? LATONA (LETO)

4. In qua patria est urbs Roma? (IN) ITALIA/ ITALY
Bonus 1. Say in Latin "into Italy." IN ITALIAM
Bonus 2. Say in Latin "around the city." CIRCUM URBEM

5. Say "thank you" in Latin. GRATIAS (+ AGO)
Bonus 1. Say "hello" to me in Latin. SALVE
Bonus 2. What does SALVE mean literally? BE/ STAY WELL/HEALTHY

6. Through what sea did a Roman sail to reach Egypt? MEDITERRANEAN
Bonus 1. Romans sailing to Egypt probably landed in what capital city of the Ptolemies? ALEXANDRIA
Bonus 2. The Romans called the Mediterranean Mare Nostrum. Give a derivative from mare. MARITIME, etc

7. What was the Graeco-Latin word for the slave who accompanied a Roman boy to school? PAEDAGOGUS/ PEDAGOGUE
Bonus 1. What were a Roman schoolboy's tabellae? WAX TABLETS
Bonus 2. What is the Latin word for "book"? LIBER

8. Shakespeare's Hamlet begins his soliloquy "To be or not to be." How would one say "to be" in Latin? ESSE
Bonus 1. What derivative of that verb means "being" or "existence"? ESSENCE
Bonus 2. What is the Latin word for "tomorrow," the root of our English word "procrastinate"? CRAS

9. What is the Latin motto of the United States? E PLURIBUS UNUM
Bonus 1. What does that mean? ONE OUT OF MANY
Bonus 2. What US motto might appear in English as Deo Credimus? IN GOD WE TRUST

10. Translate the verb in the sentence "Hey, Marcus, look at that expensive chariot!" SPECTA
Bonus 1. If you went on to say, "Don't you wish you had one?" with what word would a Roman begin that question? NONNE
Bonus 2. Suppose Marcus replies, "Yes, indeed." How would you say that in Latin? ETIAM/CERTE/MAXIME/ITA/ITA VERO

11. Who was the last king of Rome? TARQUIN THE PROUD / TARQUINIUS SUPERBUS
Bonus 1. Who was Rome’s first king? ROMULUS
Bonus 2. In what year did the monarchy end? 509 B.C.

12. What do we call the staff which Neptune carries? TRIDENT
Bonus 1. What do we call the staff which Pluto carries? BIDENT
Bonus 2. What do tri- and bi- stand for, respectively? THREE AND TWO

13. What title was accorded to the two men who headed the Roman government during the republic? CONSUL(E)S
Bonus 1. What title was given to the Roman Emperor? CAESAR/IMPERATOR
Bonus 2. Who was the first Roman Emperor? AUGUSTUS

14. What brand of TV has a name derived from the Latin word for "sound"? SONY
Bonus 1. What brand of television literally mean "a loud voice"? MAGNAVOX
Bonus 2. Give another English word, besides voice, that comes from vox. VOCAL, etc

15. What Roman goddess protected the city of Rome? VESTA
Bonus 1. What is her Greek name? HESTIA
Bonus 2. What group of 18 women maintained the eternal flame? VESTAL VIRGINS

16. What Latin word is used to name the constellation of Castor and Pollux?
Bonus 1. What does gemini mean? TWINS
Bonus 2. Tell me in Latin how many signs of the zodiac there are. DUODECIM

17. Give the full Latin and its English meaning for the abbreviation p.m.
Bonus 1. What is the antonym of post? ANTE
Bonus 2. With ONE English word translate media nocte. MIDNIGHT

18. If you were going to an old-fashioned American circus and saw the vir qui gladium vorat, what unusual side-show exhibit would you be watching? SWORD-SWALLOWER
Bonus 1. How about the femina obesa? FAT LADY
Bonus 2. And the dominator leonum? LION TAMER

19. Portae, or Ianuae, was the name of Jim Morrison's eternally famous band. Name it. THE DOORS
Bonus 1. What band might the Romans have called “Tu Duo”? U-2
Bonus 2. What other Golden Oldie musical group was Mortui Grati? THE GRATEFUL DEAD

20. We will stand up and shout if we win this round. Translate into Latin "we will stand up." SURGEMUS/ STABIMUS
Bonus 1. Now translate "we will shout." CLAMABIMUS
Bonus 2. Do what you are instructed to do: Laudate discipulos qui vicerunt.