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1. Quis est filius Veneris? AMOR, CUPID, EROS, AENEAS
Bonus 1 & 2: Of what two substances were Cupid’s arrows made?

2. Give the ablative singular of the Latin word for field. AGRO
Bonus 1. Give the ablative singular of the Latin word for boy. PUERO
Bonus 2. Give the ablative singular of the Latin phrase for good teacher.

3. In what general direction would you go to get from Naples to Rome? NORTH
Bonus 1. Suppose you were going from Rome to Corinth? EAST
Bonus 2. From Rome to Carthage? SOUTH

4. Using the verb narro-are, translate the verb in the sentence "Father will tell his children a story." NARRABIT
Bonus 1. Translate the word “story” in that sentence. FABULAM
Bonus 2. Now translate "children" in that sentence. LIBERIS / FILIIS

5. For the following word, tell me whether one should eat it, throw it, look at it, or wear it: Cibus. EAT IT
Bonus 1. Mensa LOOK AT IT
Bonus 2. Stola WEAR IT

6. Minerva's shield was used by Perseus to kill whom? MEDUSA
Bonus 1. Danae was the mother of Perseus. What is the Latin word for mother? MATER
Bonus 2. Who was the father of Perseus? JUPITER/ ZEUS

7. After you have been recognized, perform this action: Pone omnes decem digitos in tuo capite. PUT ALL TEN FINGERS ON YOUR HEAD.
Bonus 1. Aperi tuum os. OPEN YOUR MOUTH
Bonus 1. Tange tuum pedem. TOUCH YOUR FOOT

8. What landmark in Philadelphia would be known to the Romans as “Tintinnabulum Libertatis”?
Bonus 1. Suppose a Roman found himself at the Montes Saxosi in the United States. What would he call these? THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS
Bonus 2. What would an ancient Roman be viewing if he found himself suddenly in Paris looking at Nostra Femina? NOTRE DAME

9. Quis erat filius Iovis et deus vini? BACCHUS
Bonus 1. Quis erat soror Iovis et dea flammae? VESTA
Bonus 2. Quis erat deus Romanus belli? MARS

10. Translate this sentence: Numa Pompilius erat rex secundus Romae.
Bonus 1. What is the Latin adjective meaning "first"? PRIMUS
Bonus 2. What is the Latin adjective meaning "tenth"? DECIMUS

11. Give the first person plural, present tense of sum. SUMUS
Bonus 1. Say in Latin, “I am a horse.” EQUUS SUM
Bonus 2. Say in Latin, “You are prisoners.” CAPTIVI ESTIS

12. Using the verb iuvo-are, say in Latin "Help me, friends!" IUVATE ME, AMICI/AMICAE
Bonus 1. Make that command singular. IUVA ME, AMICE/AMICA
Bonus 1. Now say "Save me, boy!" SERVA ME, PUER!

13. Most of us know that the valedictorian of your school class has the highest average of all the students in the class, but what exactly does "valedictorian" mean? GOOD-BYE-SAYER
Bonus 1. A benefactor is a generous person, but what does "benefactor" literally mean? GOOD-DOER
Bonus 2. When one abstains from alcohol or drugs, you just don't do it, but what does "abstain" literally mean? KEEP/ HOLD AWAY

14. Give the Latin noun AND its meaning at the root of the English word "subterranean." TERRA – EARTH/LAND
Bonus 1. Give the preposition and its meaning at the root of the word “subterranean.”
Bonus 2. “Sub” is also the root preposition in the English word “suspect,” but what Latin verb and
meaning is also at the root of that English word? SPECTO, SPECTARE – TO WATCH

15. "I am able to see!" said the blind man. Translate into Latin "to see." VIDERE
Bonus 1. Was the blind man surdus, mutus, or caecus? CAECUS
Bonus 2. The blind man saw for the first time in his life. Using the perfect tense, translate "saw." VIDIT

16. Where did rain water usually accumulate in the Roman house? IMPLUVIUM
Bonus 1. In which room was the impluvium located? ATRIUM
Bonus 2. Which part of the Roman house was even more open to the rain than the atrium? PERISTYL(I)UM

17. What Trojan prince was welcomed to Carthage? DIDO
Bonus 1. On what continent is Carthage? AFRICA
Bonus 2. Who is Aeneas’ divine mother? VENUS

18. The Minotaur is sometimes thought to be represented by what sign of the Zodiac? TAURUS
Bonus 1. Who killed the Minotaur? THESEUS
Bonus 2. Who built the maze where the Minotaur lived? DAEDALUS/ MINOS

19. Give an antonym for parvus. MAGNUS, INGENS
Bonus 1. Give an antonym for venio. (AB)EO, DISCEDO, EXCEDO
Bonus 2. for rogo. RESPONDEO

20. The power of what Roman legal body was symbolized by the abbreviation SPQR? SENATE
Bonus 1. In Latin, what does SPQR stand for? SENATUS POPULUSQUE ROMANUS
Bonus 2. Which members of the Roman government could veto discussions of the senate? TRIBUNES